Alana Jordan

Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in the Chicagoland area.

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Hello, and thank you so much for visiting my website!  My name is Alana, and I am a photographer from the Chicagoland area who loves to capture the human spirit on camera. From weddings, to engagements, to families, to solo portraits and more, I adore documenting some of life’s most precious moments for my lovely clients. You're not just hiring someone to simply take pictures, you're trusting someone to see every beautiful detail about you and the world around you. Being a lifelong lover of the arts has given me the capabilities to see the multiple aspects that create a stunning visual. The photographs you'll receive from me will show the powerful emotions of your session, the stunning light and rich color that surrounds you, and the vibrancy of your life.

After 10 years of devoted practice and a college degree, I am finally the owner of a photography business that I am immensely proud of. It is thrilling to watch my portfolio grow more and more with each session, and I have my clients to thank for that! If you have looked over my work and are considering planning a session together, you can either book directly using the button below, or start a conversation by filling out the contact form that is there as well. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you hold on to your treasured memories!


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